1st VP Honor Delegate Application

Apply for DGL, RTM, Recorders, or Committees

Important Note

You must complete this application in one sitting - you cannot save your progress and return later.

At the end of your application you will be asked to respond to an essay question based upon the role you are applying for. We suggest reading the essay prompt below and preparing your essay ahead of time.

Constitution CommitteeKeeping all aspects of Student Council in mind, why is a constitution necessary? What is the purpose of this committee at the state convention? What, if anything, would you change about the IASC constitution?
Credentials CommitteeWhat are the duties of the Credentials Committee? Why is it an important committee to the IASC? Why is it important for a candidate to be interviewed by the credentials committee? Will you be able to attend a January credentials interview in person or on zoom?
Discussion Group LeaderWhat is the purpose of a Discussion Group Leader and their role during the session? Submit a discussion topic. Submit a brief description of the topic. Create a detailed outline of the session which includes all activities and discussion points for the presentation.
Honor Council CommitteeWhat are the duties of this committee? Have you seen the honor council score card? Do you understand how to score an honor book with the honor council score card? Briefly explain the process of grading honor council books. Have you ever made an honor council book for your school? Please provide any further information that you know about honor council books and scoring.
RecorderAs this is your first major Student Council leadership opportunity, please explain why you wish to become involved in Student Council beyond the local level? In your own words, what are the duties of a Recorder at the State Convention?
Roundtable ModeratorWhat is the purpose of a Roundtable Moderator? Please explain in detail how you plan to manage the discussion and how you plan to deal with distractions such as side conversations. Include a list of discussion topic ideas.