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18-19 Honor Delegate Applications

Posted: Sep 8, 2018

Applications are now available for students to apply to be an Honor Delegate to the 2019 IASC State Convention, which will be held May 2-4, 2019 in Lombard, IL. Honor Delegates are students who provide an additional service to the IASC at the convention. These positions include:

  • First Vice President Honor Delegate Positions (Info) (Application)
    • Discussion Group Leader – Prepare a presentation on a selected topic and present it to a group of students at the convention.
    • Recorder – Take notes on what occurs during an assigned discussion group.
    • Roundtable Moderator – Moderate a roundtable discussion on an assigned topic.
    • Constitution Committee Member – Serve on a committee to evaluate submitted changes to the IASC Constitution, and provide recommendations to the voting delegates on whether to approve or deny submissions.
    • Credentials Committee Member – Serve on a committee to interview candidates for the 2019-2020 IASC Executive Board, and provide a recommendation on whether the candidate is recommended or not recommended for election.
    • Honor Council Committee Member – Serve on a committee to evaluate Honor Council Books and Mini Books.
  • Second Vice President Honor Delegate Positions (Info) (Application)
    • Hall of Ideas – Prepare a poster on a topic or activity that your council participates in.
    • Service Project – Provide an item to be used at the convention. These items may include purchasing pens, binders, snacks, etc, that are used by attendees at the convention. The school, not the particular student, needs to provide the funds and items.

Applications must be completed and postmarked by October 29, 2018. Note that students who are contemplating running for the 2019-2020 IASC State Board are ineligible to be Honor Delegates, or must resign their Honor Delegate position at the time they declare their intent to run for office.