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2018-2019 State Board Applications

Posted: Nov 9, 2017

One of the finest Student Council Associations in the country, the Illinois Association of Student Councils (IASC), invites student leaders to accept the challenge of leadership by becoming a candidate for the IASC Executive Board at this year’s IASC State Convention in Springfield, IL, May 3-5, 2018.

The elected state officer positions are:
• President
• 1st Vice President
• 2nd Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasurer

In addition to the five positions listed above, there are currently two other opportunities for students and advisors to serve on the IASC Executive Board. The appointed state officer positions are:
• Assistant Communications Director (Student)
• Chairperson of the Board – Host School for the 2020 Convention (Advisor)

Before making any decisions, please consult the following files located on the IASC Website:
Invitation to Apply
Student Applicatioin
Host School Application
Guidelines and Policies
Expectations of Board Members
Officer Duties
IASC Constitution
IASC Handbook

Once a decision has been reached to apply for an IASC Executive Board position, please complete the appropriate application which is also located on the IASC website. Being a member of the IASC is a rewarding experience for the student, the school, and the advisor. Remember that both advisor and student MUST attend the Credentials Committee meeting in Bloomington, Illinois, on January 20, 2018, to complete the interview process. Student applications must be postmarked by Monday, December 6, 2017.

After a student or advisor applies for a position, specific information pertaining to that position will be emailed to the candidate. (i.e. job description, credentials, etc.). *Please be reminded that your school must be a member of the IASC organization and a member of their district to run a candidate for office.* Membership information is on the IASC website. Advisor, please remember that if your student becomes a member of the board that you must attend all meetings with your student. In addition, all candidates must be regular voting delegates to the IASC State Convention in May and cannot serve as an Honor Delegate.

If you have any questions concerning the candidacy process, please consult the IASC Constitution and By-laws. If you need specific questions answered, please contact Linda Pickett, IASC 2nd Year Advisor at Large, at pickett.linda@columbia4.org.