Thinking Ahead For 22-23 State Board

Posted: Oct 2, 2021

Advisors - as you are completing your Homecoming events and fall activities, take a moment to consider whether you have a Council member who is a potential IASC Executive Board candidate.  It is not too early to start identifying a young leader ready to serve the IASC. 

Highlights of the main duties for each office are available here.  Share this information with any student who has the potential to run for an IASC office.  Serving as an IASC Executive Board member is a rewarding experience for the student, the school, and you, the advisor.  If your student becomes a member of the board you must attend all board meetings with your student.  If you have any questions about the positions or serving on the board in general, please contact Brandi Hitzemann, Second Year Advisor-at-Large, at

Please remember your school must be a member of the IASC in order to run a candidate.  Membership forms are available online at  In addition, all candidates must be regular delegates at the IASC State Convention in May and cannot serve as Honor Delegates. 

On November 1st, the official IASC Executive Board applications will be available on the IASC website at  However, we encourage you to begin thinking about a potential candidate now!