2021 Pillar Award Nominations

Posted: Jan 31, 2021
Last Modified: Apr 1, 2021

Every year at Convention, a special awards ceremony is dedicated to recognizing our student leaders. This year, we will continue recognizing selected students with the Pillar Award. Within Student Councils, we know collaboration is essential to success. Every student brings something unique to their Council. This award is meant to recognize those students who go above and beyond, specifically within one of these four pillars: Leadership, Community Service, School Pride, and Dedication.

  • Leadership: A cornerstone of Student Council is the ability to demonstrate extraordinary leadership skills. Students awarded with this pillar ceaselessly act as good role models, inspire others to achieve their highest potentials, while earning the respect of both students and staff.
  • Community Service: Student Councils are founded with the goal of serving others. Students honored within this pillar have put forth amazing effort to better their communities — both within their schools and beyond — as their example inspires others to serve as well.
  • School Pride: A foundation of all Student Councils is the promotion of school spirit. Students honored under this pillar exhibit exemplary school pride as they also work tirelessly to strengthen school spirit among students and staff alike.
  • Dedication: Often, the most hardworking, committed students are the ones who do all the work behind the scenes without seeking recognition. Those students are honored with this pillar because of their continual support of all aspects of their Student Councils.

We would like to invite you to nominate one student from your council for the Pillar Award. The student you nominate should demonstrate traits of one of the four pillars. Just like with the Reflections Award of past years, each school can only nominate one student to one pillar and your school must be present at the banquet to qualify for the prestigious award.  Schools cannot nominate one student per pillar. Below you will find a link to the application, which contains the nomination form and an explanation of each of the pillars.

If you wish to nominate an outstanding student, please complete a nomination form. It includes a short statement (no more than three sentences) about your nominee, explaining why you have chosen to nominate him or her, and how he or she has contributed to your school council, your district, or the IASC within the pillar for which she or he is being nominated. Please scan and email your application to kgordon@cusd.kahoks.org along with a photo of the student by March 25, 2021 April 15, 2021. No late applications can be accepted, and the photo must accompany the application.

Nomination Form: https://illinoisstuco.org/Content/Convention/2021PillarAward.pdf