IASC Looking for Fall Workshop Hosts

Posted: May 8, 2021

The IASC is looking for schools who would be interested in host a fall one day workshop during Fall 2021.  These workshops will take place on various dates and locations around the state, with a fixed schedule from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm.  Note, these workshops will only occur if schools are able to travel.  

Presenters will be provided as needed for the number of delegates that register.  Your school would be need to provide a snack and a large room that can hold 50-75 people seated on chairs.

If you wish to absorb the cost of the facility and food, you may bring a student as an honor delegate to the 2022 IASC State Convention.  If you do not want the additional honor delegate position, you may submit your bills and receipts to the workshop director within one month of the workshop, and your costs will be reimbursed.

To express your interest in hosting one of these workshops, please complete this form - http://www.illinoisstuco.org/Content/Workshops/2021FallWorkshopHost.pdf, and return to Kari Ebens, IASC Workshop Director, by June 1, 2021.