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IASC State Service Project

Posted: Dec 3, 2017

The IASC State Board has decided to make the state service project a partnership with an organization for a 5 year period. The state board has chosen Let it Be Us as the IASC State Service Project. Let it Be Us is a 501(c)(3) with the mission of helping foster children find adoptive families in the state of Illinois. For the next five years, the IASC will be supporting this amazing organization. One way your council can help is by making “Back to School Supply Bags.” When many kids enter the foster care system they are thrown into a completely new school and do not usually have the supplies they need to fit in with the other students or to also succeed academically. In fact, only 3% of children in foster care end up obtaining a college degree and only half actually graduate high school.

We are asking IASC member schools to collect school supplies and place them in a backpack to donate. A complete list of what NEEDS to be included may be found here. Next to each supply item is an overestimated cost. If your council purchases these items in bulk, you should be able to offset some of the cost. If you choose not to make the “Back to School Supply Bags,” then your council can also choose to make a monetary donation. Each bag is estimated to cost $80. Therefore, if you make a $320 dollar donation then you would have donated an equivalent of four bags.

A list of the foster care locations that are located in your district is available here. You may choose to donate the “Back to School Supply Bags” to whichever location you would like. Student Council is an organization where students are helping students and this project will allow your council to do that much closer to home.

Please remember that when you drop off the “School Supply Bags” or make a monetary donation to fill out the validation form here. Please send it to the IASC President by April 14th via email (president@illinoisstuco.org).